The Robocup soccer team consists of 4 field players and one goal keeper. Recent game experience showed that there is a need for a dedicated goal keeper robot. Currently the goal keeper is the same as a field player, but the goal keeper requires much different hardware. We are currently in the design phase of this new keeper and have identified 4 major parts of the keeper:

  1. Bottom frame with battery and drive motors and motion electronics
  2. Middle frame with computers
  3. Top frame with advanced vision/camera’s
  4. Keeper frame with sensors and extending “arms”

This means we are looking for 4 mechanical designers to make a detailed design of the above mentioned sections. You will work in a highly motivated team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers. Each section of the keeper will have different characteristics w.r.t weight, stiffness, dynamics etc.

For the vision part for example it is important that the camera is mounted vibration free, for the keeper frame we need extremely fast moving arms using actuators and very strong and lightweight materials. All in pre-defined mechanical dimensions. For all sections good servicability is a must to be able to fix the robot fast during a game.

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