The Falcons RoboCup team is a team of highly motivated people from various disciplines. You will find team members with a Software or Hardware background but also Logistics and Customer support is represented. We are continuously looking for new team members that can help advance the Falcons team to the upper region of the major tournaments.

The tasks of the Recruiter will be:

  • Develop a recruitment and selection strategy
  • Write vacancy announcements
  • Actively participate in ASML events like onboarding days where there is an opportunity to recruit new team members
  • Guide the new hire into the team, make sure the new hire is attached to the right people to start working in the team
  • Organize recruitment events

If you are interested and want to join the ASML Falcons team, please contact Jaap Vos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.